PAC School Supply Ordering

PAC is planning for next year already!  Purchasing school supplies can be time-consuming and confusing.  We are hoping that the below information will help!

The School Supply list – the items into two sections:

•           Suggested items are those that children will require for the school year. If you are unable to find the brand that is suggested, you can choose another.

•           Optional items are those that you may already have at home and do not need to purchase again.  They are not required.

Below is an instruction sheet, provided by Monk, for ordering your child(ren)’s back to school supply kit.  Please read it carefully before starting the on-line ordering process.

The deadline to order your kit – to have it delivered directly to the school in September – is July 15th.

The kit can be delivered to your home or to a Monk location if you order after July 15th.

Kits will be sorted to your child’s classroom once the class lists have been finalized.  This means that your child will not receive the kit on his/her first day of school.

“Just in case”:  Remember to order kit for your child’s NEXT grade…

And “to label or not to label”?  It is likely that Kindergarten and Grade 1 classes will pool the supplies (so don’t label); however, labelling for children in higher grades is helpful.

Any questions regarding ordering should be directed to Caitlin at

PAC School Supply ORDERING STEPS – Margaret Jenkins