School Supplies Order

School Supplies for the 2015-16 school year are now available for ordering from Monk Office.  You can go online to  and enter PAC5191 for both the username and password.

There are grade specific supply sets offered by Monk at the top of the page.  *These are not customized to EMJS and may or may not contain everything on our school’s supply list.*  You may choose to order one of these sets for convenience and supplement with any extras needed or you can choose to order completely a la carte using this supplies list as your guide.  This does allow for flexibility if you want extra items or if you have things from the current year that you can use again.

Online ordering is available until July 15, 2015 at the website listed above.  If you prefer to place a paper order you can do this and pay by cheque made to Monk Office.  The paper orders are more limited and you can only choose from the items listed.  Paper orders must be left in the office before June 24.

Please remember that each student’s order must be placed separately for packaging.

Hopefully this is a useful service that will allow you to get all/most of your school supplies from the comfort of your home.  Monk gives 10% of all online orders back to the PAC so this is another fundraiser to help with programming at our school.  Thanks for participating.